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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> straight ahead, road rage death. and the search for the driver and a fatal hit-and-run accident and the kentucky derby death mystery. the victim is identified. and your forecast. a royal visit prince harry r. arrives tomorrow. captioned by the national captioning institute gosh let's go to the video of this news story. a woman was struck in the 1500's to block by a vehicle.
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she is hospitalized right now with non life-threatening injuries. the driver status on the scene. we want to get to the other top stories, and the search for a driver involved. >> police say the 21-year-old was hit shortly after getting out of her own. on the latest with the search for the driver. >> at the end of the day the person responsible remains on the run. >> her 21 year-old daughter was studying criminology and wanted to work in law enforcement. now she is the focus of an intense investigation.
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>> she did not deserve to die like that. >> she stepped out of her heart to confront a female driver of the other driver -- of the other, that she might have been arguing with. >> i know the girl that got killed. >> she says that soon after the incident, two people claiming to be witnesses told her that carrington jump on to the hood of the suspect's car moments before losing her life. >> police told the fully understand and practice case, they need more people the saw the confrontation unfold to call them.
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>> everybody just need to pray, you know? pray that whoever did it will come forward. >> she told me that she had not heard of the account of her daughter allegedly jumping onto the hood of that suv before being killed. her focus is on burying her child. abc 7 news. >> jay thank you for that update. police have identified a man that they say was shot and killed by his father. 23-year-old matthew price, shot in the stomach in gaithersberg. he stayed at the scene and admitted to killing his son. wayne price will have a bond review tomorrow afternoon. >> the latest on the murder mystery at churchill downs in light of this weekend's kentucky
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derby. the body of a horse rumor was found in the barn. hong >> we know the identity of a man in the stable area of the churchill downs racetrack. a guatemalan that worked as a groomer. >> this seems to be a lot of mystery. >> in the homicide is overshadowing the most famous horse race. the record crowd of 165,000 came to the race track on saturday. they cheered on a thrilling climax as i'll have another streak across the finish line to win the first leg of the triple crown. as the champion basked in the winner's circle, there was no hint that the scene of celebration would cernan to -- soon turn into a crime scene. a track employee discovered the body.
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>> the investigation is ongoing to determine specifically why he was at this location. >> there is foul play involved, but we still do not have that exact cause of death. we will await the coroner's report. >> police looked through the area and the death has no apparent connection to the racetrack or the derby. an autopsy is scheduled for monday. >> vice-president joe biden laid it on the controversial issue of gay marriage. he believes that gay couples should be given the same rights as heterosexual couples. >> i am comfortable with the fact that men marrying men and women marrying women and heterosexual men and women marrying are entitled to the same exact rights and all the same liberties. quite frankly, i don't see much
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of a distinction beyond that. hong >>, this comes before a vote in north carolina. president obama believes that marriages between demand and a woman but he admits that his view is evolving. mitt romney is strongly opposed to gay marriage. international politics coming in after today's political upset in france. president obama congratulated him on his victory over conservative incumbent sarkozy. he will take office in the next 10 days and campaigned against austerity measures. his election could change how your of the deals with its debt crisis. -- europe deals with its debt crisis. >> friend terry will be in that district tomorrow -- prince
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harry will be in the district tomorrow. >> a group called the atlantic council gives out awards every year but tomorrow night at the ritz carlton they will be giving one to a member of the world -- or royal family. prince harry will be here all day. >> a lot of people we talked to had no idea that british royalty will be visiting the american capital on monday. the son of prince charles has a couple of events planned. first up is a visit to the british ambassador's historic residence where prince harry will meet with american and british troops participating in the warrior games. he will receive an award at foggy bottom, a humanitarian award for the atlantic council.
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>> even in a town that used to of the visits of celebrities and foreign leaders who visits by british royalty do not come that often. >> a long time ago. >> not everyone is excited that hillary is coming. -- harry is coming. many we talked to think it is kind of neat, like elliot thompson. >> it is very likely that tomorrow night there will be a lot of folks out here. they will try to catch them at the ambassador's residence. he is not expected at this point to attend any event that are open to the public. >> that is too bad. what will the weather be like for the royal visit?
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we are tracking in at all from the forecast center. >> we are pretty much looking at a similar day tomorrow that we had today. a mix of sun and clouds, more on the cloudy side. 70 in quantico. thicker clouds out to the west across western maryland. you might want to grab the umbrella just in case a few areas of patchy drizzle along with some light fog expected. what can we expect for the rest of the week? a full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> still to come, a soldier killed while skyping with his wife. >> and reporting mistakes are difficult to correct. >> georgetown university, a
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>> of the most wanted list, an operative wanted for his role in the 2000 bombing is dead. he stepped out of his car in southern yemen. he had ties to another bomber that tried and failed to bring down an american jetliner in 2009. >> she was talking with her husband in afghanistan when it appears he was shot and killed. he collapsed during the live web chat with his wife, and she noticed a bullet hole in the closet behind him. he left behind his wife and two daughters. >> a virginia man that allegedly threatened to kill president obama is in custody and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.
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investigators say that he made death threats against the president and threatened to bomb the white house and other landmarks. he wanted to be sentenced immediately after his arrest and get the death penalty. >> two members were killed and parishioners were gathered at the episcopal church. this morning they came to mourn the deaths. police believe the homeless man that had received help at the church shot and killed the women on thursday night and turned the gun on himself. >> we are all dealing with this in the various ways. she was a colleague of mine. i am sad aslo. -- also. >> she was kept on life support for two days of the her organs could be used for transplants. she loves a woman, some say
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that dedicated her life. >> an ohio newspaper says the americans are virtually powerless. many people complain that they could not convince the credit reporting agencies to correct the mistakes. >>even simple mistakes like the misspelled name has hospital thousands of dollars in access to credit. >> a trio of these claims to have stolen the hand from the hall. the suspect says they will give them back if they could have the school's mascot in training, a bulldog cut. this is the first time the hands have been stolen, -- this is not the first time they have been stolen, it is a tradition that dates back. >> the moon appears 14% larger
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and 30% brighter. here is what the moon looks like in d.c., and you've got pictures of the phenomenon. this is the beautiful photo isn't it? >> there are more pictures of this on the web site. what a sight that was. >> if you missed it, bob ryan and june 4 the next super moon. it will not be as big and bright as last night, a lot of people did not see it because of the cloud cover. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies this hour. the rush hour commute, and not expecting it to be delayed.
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72 degrees, that was the high. a 10-degree difference compared to yesterday. 63 now with wind out of the east. when east as we move through the overnight at early morning hours. a high of 72, a final stop at prince george's county. temperatures across the board, a fairly comfortable for early may. also looking at 66 degrees in manassas. a lot of it is suppressed well to the north. compare that to the 60's the 70's south and west.
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we are adding more clouds to the west of us. along to the panhandle of west virginia even a few pockets of drizzle beginning to talk of. it could make you want to bring an umbrella with you. hit by the early this is what it looks like for the extended outlooks. temperatures tomorrow hovering about 70 degrees. the clouds are going to stick around until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. a push of warm air goes to the region, well to the mid to upper 70's. that will not last very long. much-needed rain, we will hear rumbles of thunder. we will keep you updated here on abc seven on the web site as well.
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temperatures in the 50's. temperatures and upper 60's through lower 70's. the extended outlook a little bit of a cold out on wednesday. wednesday morning will be what this time of the upcoming week. -- the wettest time fo the upcoming week. not only do we have bought riot on the next super moon, but we have the daily iwonder, washington monument, and the hottest latte art around the area. >> the national horse going for the full suite tonight. >> something that they haven't done since 1964. however, there was a very scary
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>> nationals and their fans must have enjoyed the weekend. calling another seven innings and giving up one run. they will go on national television tonight, right? this is a bright spot. hon third, the first teenager to do that since 1964. you have to love it. a scary moment however, looking at how he lands on his wrists. he has had a lot of problems with this before.
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they could be some very scary news in the future. driving that one with authority hot, it is the second of the game. sadly, they win 9-3. they used position players on the mound. the first baseman pitched for baltimore and gave up a shot to left center field. he has waived around the play. he is out. amharic her they took it, atom jones gets the picture and send it to the green monster. the orioles land in 17 innings incredible. he might be a rookie and have a lot of studying to do, but rg3 is the redskins' starter.
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previously, he said that he would be promoted to the starter when he was ready to assume the role. but words are just words practicing with at least 20 other rookies today. he only talked about the challenges he will face of forgetting the coveted role. >> at the college, the bottom of the barrel and the pros. you have to prove yourself, so i can come and flamboyantly. and i don't plan to. even if they say you have got it, you still have to go out and earn is. >> matt anderson said he wanted to focus about elevating his game to a more physical level. the capitals a out block the rangers' 26-7. and jeff schulz hall led the
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way. the big-time players show the they have the blistering game- winning shot. throw any other hockey term you want they wanted to stay that way for monday night. >> there were guys there the last couple of minutes that is what we have to do to be successful. >> 0 was so even keel. a look at this hit. straight to the shoulder, that is why it is questionable. he was trying to dodge the puck. there is no definitive ruling. and brad wins the race in
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talladega. >> we were following it yesterday. exactly. dodge a record-breaking
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>> if one super hero is good the
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-- >> 7 is better. breaking box office records this weekend, over $200 million. it shattered the previous record of $169 million set last year the opening of the harry potter fed ballet. it debuted internationally last weekend and the film has earned more than $440 million worldwide. >> how about that? a good weekend for the avengers.
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we'll select a winner from the 15 finalists later this month. >> some springlike weather to start the work week? >> may be some better news with of the weather? >> of interest here, this is the washington monument. it will come down, we will see that for the day tomorrow. check it out along with our interesting hooked at the weather. we have thunderstorms and showers in the forecast. much drier thursday and friday. >> thank you
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